Direct Marketing Tips – Ultimate Direct Mail Marketing Guide!

Everyone seems to hate direct mail, and most companies have tried to use it without success. But with these direct marketing tips I want to transform your direct mail marketing from junk and spam to something that is really effective that the customer wants to receive.Let’s look that this is 3 phases…PHASE 1 – Think about your mailing list.Is the data very old and are you confident that the source of the data is reliable?I can’t tell you how important having a good list is. It does not matter if you already own it or are going to buy one you need to make sure that it’s up to date.PHASE 2 – Targeting.No set of direct marketing tips would be complete without talking about the idea of targeting.Always keep one thing in mind:”If you want to sell a ton of burgers, all you need is a hungry crowd” – Gary Halbert.You should target the factors below:* The persons age* Location* Lifestyle* Schooling* Likes and dislikes* Buying behavior.PHASE 3 – Market research.You need to find out how the market think and the pain they are feeling which you can help to solve.Luckily this is much easier today with online forums focused on each market niche.PHASE 4 – Your marketing message.You should make your message clear, persuasive and easy to understand. Don’t try and fill your direct mail with a load of information and products because you will just end up confusing your customers and will not get any sales.Have one goal for each piece and do everything you can to achieve that goal.Final thoughts.Direct mail can be a great tool for your business if you go about it in the right way.If you just follow these tips an 8.0% conversion rate is not uncommon.Good luck.For more ideas, tips and articles click here.

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